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1. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG09159 Grower Study Tour- Sprin...
Market Aarie Koppert Radish producing hot houses Radish producing hot houses – bunching operations Piet Zwinkels -Radish processing and expert packaging This grower tour was facilitated by Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg09159_grower_study_tour__spring_onions___radish.htm - 104.1kb

2. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG01045 Bunching Vegetables - di...
of spring onions and radish respectively. Growers report that these diseases can cause from 50 to 100% losses in a national industry worth an estimated $85 million annually. Some growers have ceased production of spring onion and
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg010045_bunching_vegetables___disease_control.htm - 102.3kb

3. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Ross and Colleen Arnott | Our Gr...
of the Melbourne long white radish (daikon) market. Eight years ago, the first white radish seeds went in and now there’s a flourishing 18ha crop. “We were exporting white radish to Taiwan, but that stopped after a few years when
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/about_us/our_growers_on_the_web/ross_and_colleen_arnott.htm - 46.9kb

4. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria | Researchers PDFs | Research and ...
Study Tour- Spring Onions & Radish VG96015 Carrot Crown Rot VG96015 Carrot Defects - Poster
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs - 278.1kb

5. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG04013 White Blister - Symptoms...
Study Tour- Spring Onions & Radish VG96015 Carrot Crown Rot VG96015 Carrot Defects - Poster
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg04013_white_blister___symptoms.htm - 99.5kb

6. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Hangzhou Foods | Researchers PDF...
Study Tour- Spring Onions & Radish VG96015 Carrot Crown Rot VG96015 Carrot Defects - Poster
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/hangzhou_foods.htm - 101.7kb

7. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > IPM-Brassica | Vege Notes | Comm...
bok choy, cabbage, Swedes, radish and turnips. It can also persist in cruciferous weeds (eg wild turnip and wild radish). Symptoms include wilting of plants during warm weather and the formation of enlarged galls on the roots. The galls
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/vege_notes/ipm_brassica.htm - 49.6kb

8. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Butler Market Gardens | Our Grow...
Onions, Rhubarb, Beetroot, Radish, Parsley, Turnips, Fancy Lettuce and Asian Veg lines. Our central position to the Melbourne wholesale markets and major retail distribution networks allows the freshest product to be delivered locally or
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/about_us/our_growers_on_the_web/butler_market_gardens.htm - 44.9kb

9. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Vegetables Victoria | Statistics...
Endive Radish - daikon Beetroot Fennel Radish - red round Broccoli Herbs - various Rhubarb
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/statistics/vegetables_victoria.htm - 45.5kb

10. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Health Benefits of Fresh Vegetab...
cucumber, endive, parsley, radish and legumes and are sometimes referred to as superfoods. Antioxidant nutrients have a protective role against free radical damage, therefore decreased intake of nutrients important to
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/marketing/health_benefits_of_fresh_vegetables_.htm - 44.2kb

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2013-08-02  VGA GOLF DAY 2013

Enjoy a sensational day of banter and play at the annual Vegetable Growers Golf Day Lang Lang Golf Club is commonly referred to as the "Augusta of Gippsland".... See event details.

2013-05-02  VEG EXPO - 2013

The National Vegetable Expo Organizing Committee extend a warm invitation all Vegetable Growers, Nursery Operators and Industry Suppliers, to gather for this... See event details.

2013-02-24  Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock

The 2013 Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock A day for family, friends & food lovers! When:  Sunday 24th February 2013, 9am till 5pm Where:... See event details.

2012-10-12  Annual General Meeting

VGA Victoria Members, have your say ! Annual General Meeting of the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria Inc. ... See event details.

2012-05-10  2012 AUSVEG Convention

The 2012 AUSVEG National Convention Trade Show and National Awards for Excellence Wrest Point Hotel Casino in Hobart from 10 to 12 May 2012 The... See event details.

2012-03-23  Lindenow - Manual Handling Workshop

You are invited to a Growers workshop to discuss the development of simple, practical solutions to a wide range of common manual handling issues associated with... See event details.

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