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1. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Lamattina Family Story | Our Gro...
cabbage, carrots, celery, parsnips, silverbeet, iceberg lettuce and cos lettuce. "The lines we grow we consider to be fairly stable, they're not as susceptible to the whims of the consumer," she said. "Sometimes with lines
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/about_us/our_growers_on_the_web/lamattina_family_story.htm - 50.8kb

2. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Pythium and Parsnip canker | New...
as Carrot, Parsley & Parsnips seedlings cavity spo t on Carrots root rots in many hydroponic crops and predisposes Parsnips to Canker “Many fungi are associated with
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/newsletters/ido_update_24may10.htm - 90.6kb

3. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Vegetable Production 2005-06 | S...
Parsnips 6.8 ^ 16.0 Peas, green - Processing - shelled - Fresh market - pod
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/statistics/victorian_vegetable_production_2005_06.htm - 58.6kb

4. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG08026 Pythium control strategi...
10ºC or less. Parsnips: Field trials for VG05045 showed that controlling Pythiums during winter reduced canker in Parsnips sown in February and harvested in October. Parsley: Trials for VG04025 showed that when temperatures
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg08026_pythium_control_strategies___overview.htm - 100.5kb

5. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > ALLEN Bros - Wheelers Hill | His...
cabbage, potatoes, parsnips,carrots,lettuce and celery. Twenty acres of brussels sprouts are grown annually for both Sydney and Melbourne markets. Teamwork is an important factor in any partnership and
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/about_us/history/allen_bros___wheelers_hill.htm - 48.9kb

6. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria | Research and Development
celery, parsnips and lettuce Caroline Donald - Brassica's particularly control of clubroot Oscar Villalta - Onion white rot, sclerotina disease of lettuce
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development - 53.4kb

7. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG05045 Parsnip Canker | Researc...
to the roots predisposed parsnips to fungal attack and canker. Symptoms of parsnip canker are large black lesions on mature parsnip roots, mostly on the shoulder or crown that can spread to other sections of the root and in extreme cases,
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg05045_parsnip_canker.htm - 100.6kb

8. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Regional Production 2005-6 | Sta...
    Parsnips 94%     1%     Peas - green  3% 93% 1% 1%     Potatoes 16% 27%
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/statistics/regional_production_2005_6.htm - 55.3kb

9. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Future cultivation and planting ...
spacing such as carrots, parsnips and onions require precision seed placement. Perforated-disc vacuum seeders have been around for 10 years or more and manufacturers continue to refine and develop these machines.
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/e_news/future_cultivation_and_planting.htm - 76.3kb

10. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Vegetables Victoria | Statistics...
Celery Parsnips Chillies Peas - green Chives Peas - snow
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/statistics/vegetables_victoria.htm - 45.5kb

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