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1. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Vegetable Research Station - Fra...
virus in peas and beans. Co-operative trials with the Potato Branch were undertaken on the problem of nutritional leaf roll in potatoes. In 1970, the Victorian Vegetable Growers' Association donated a
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/about_us/history/vegetable_research_station___frankston.htm - 55.1kb

2. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > TAS projects 1996-2007 | Researc...
of sclerotinia disease in beans Serve-Ag P/L VG98051 Development of a national technology transfer strategy for the for the carrot industry Serve-Ag P/L
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/tas_projects_1996_2007.htm - 55.3kb

3. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG05090 Green Bean - Sclerotinia...
disease problem of green beans. It can cause yield losses by premature plant death through lower stem infection and/or infection of beans. Crops with greater than 8% Sclerotinia are rejected due to difficulties in processing. Benomyl
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg05090_green_bean___sclerotinia.htm - 100.5kb

4. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG00048 Alternate fungicides for...
crops, including beans, brassicas, capsicum, lettuce, carrots, swedes, turnips, potatoes and pyrethrum. Apart from procymidone, the lack of other effective registered fungicides for Sclerotinia control poses a huge problem for
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg00048_alternate_fungicides_for_sclerotinia_control.htm - 102.7kb

5. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Young Growers Tour WA | Newslett...
production includes Beans, Butternut, Capsicum. Chilli, Cucumber, Eggplant, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini, Squash and some herbs. The group visited the Agriculture Department site where Chris Shelfout explained some of the irrigation
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/newsletters/young_growers_tour_wa.htm - 104.4kb

6. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > QLD projects 1996-2007 | Researc...
systems for hand picked beans QLD Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries VG00084 Improving the reliability and consistency of processing beetroot production QLD
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/qld_projects_1996_2007.htm - 61.0kb

7. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria | Researchers PDFs | Research and ...
of both green and navy beans, causing yield losses... Go to article. VG97051 Pea - ascochyta rot Ascochyta collar rot
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs - 278.1kb

8. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria | Vege Notes | Communication
crops (e.g. lettuce, beans, carrots, brassicas and peas). Intense... Go to article. Weed Control Basic strategies used
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/communication/vege_notes - 66.1kb

9. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > VG04021 Vegetable Seed Treatment...
(green peas and green beans), brassicas (cauliflower) and curcubits (pumpkin). Authors Hoong Pung Susan Cross Chris Monsour
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vg04021_seed_treatment.htm - 101.4kb

10. Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria > Vegetable Disease Program | Rese...
of root rots in green beans and lettuce drop and an increase in the fresh weight of spring onions. Biofumigant crops should be pulverised before incorporation into moist soil to
http://www.ausvegvic.com.au/research_and_development/Researchers_PDFs/vegetable_disease_program.htm - 113.3kb

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