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TAS projects 1996-2007

Horticulture Australia

Tasmanian vegetable research projects (1996-2007)

Projects were funded through statutory levies collected from growers and matched dollar-for-dollar by the Commonweath through Horticulture Australia Limited

Service Provider
VG03300 Minor chemical use Agresearch 
VG07055 Development of residue management strategies and action plans for export vegetables. AKC Consulting P/L
VG07035 Understanding Spatial Variation in Sweetcorn Production Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture
VG04026 Effect of herbicides and wetter on foliar diseases of vegetables Biocontrol Australia P/L
VG97028 Economic sustainability of vegetable farms  Davey & Maynard 
VG00062 Commercial pilot demonstration of Tasmanian greenhouse capsicum opportunities Field Fresh Tasmania
VG97038 Weed management in onions  JR & JS Shaw P/L  
VG97039 Onion cultivar trials  JR & JS Shaw P/L
VG04021 Evaluation of new seed dressing technologies for improved disease and insect control in vegetable crops Peracto P/L
VG04024 Facilitating the introduction and registration of new crop protection products for intensive horticulture Peracto P/L
VG04068 Generation of efficacy and residue data Peracto P/L
VG05074 Minor Use allocation PeractoP/L
VG05090 New fungicides and strategies for sustainable management of Sclerotina and Phizoctonia diseases on vegetable crops in Australia Peracto P/L
VG05097 Generation of Pesticide Residue Data for Vegetable Minor-Use Peracto P/L
VG07188 Generation of Residue Data for Pesticide Minor-use Permit Applications in Vegetable Crops Peracto P/L
VG00031 Management of downy mildew disease of pea crops and its possible resistance to metalaxyl Serve-Ag P/L
VG00034 Weed management in capsicums and chillies Serve-Ag P/L
VG01066 Weed management in carrots Serve-Ag P/L
VG02062 Weed management in lettuce Serve-Ag P/L
VG02087 Evaluation of potential for chitosan to enhance plant disease defence Serve-Ag P/L  
VG02088 Use of vegetable transplants to introduce beneficial and biocontrol microbes into the crop environment Serve-Ag P/L  
VG02105 Review of new seed dressing technologies for improved disease and insect control in vegetable crops Serve-Ag P/L  
VG04072 Generation of pesticide residue data in vegetables to support minor-use permits - Region 2 Serve-Ag P/L  
VG96015 An investigation of carrot disease in north western Tasmania and their control (cont'd VG615)  Serve-Ag P/L   
VG97051 Ascochtya rot on peas and its control  Serve-Ag P/L  
VG97060 Weed management in peas Serve-Ag P/L  
VG97062 weed management in sweetcorn  Serve-Ag P/L  
VG97063 Weed management in pumpkins and other cucurbit crops  Serve-Ag P/L  
VG97084 Integrated management of sclerotinia disease in beans  Serve-Ag P/L  
VG98051 Development of a national technology transfer strategy for the for the carrot industry  Serve-Ag P/L  
VG98107 Weed management in brassicas - improving postharvest quality Serve-Ag P/L  
VX00012 Enhanced metalaxyl breakdown and its implication in Australian horticulture Serve-Ag P/L  
VX99011 Improved herbicide management for increased yield and quality Serve-Ag P/L  
VG06082 Viability of the NSW Sweet Corn Industry Simplot Australia P/L
VG04067 Integrating lettuce aphid into IPM for lettuce: a commercial trial TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
VG97064 Assessment  of tomato, capsicum and eggplant cultivars and production techniques for export to Japan and Taiwan and demonstration of IPM of Botrytis  rot for local and export crops  TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
VG99002 Organic production systems - technology transfer TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
VX99002 Increasing the opportunities for use of organic wastes in the Tasmanian vegetable industry TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
VG97019 Factors influencing carrot size and shape  TAS Inst of Agricultural Research 
VG98071 Determination of seed quality for the vegetable industry  TAS Inst of Agricultural Research 
VG98123 Bark residue as  soil amendment in broadacre intensive vegetable production  TAS Inst of Agricultural Research 
VG99020 Improved control of nematodes in carrot production  TAS Inst of Agricultural Research 
VG99061 Improved control of fungal storage rots of Japanese squash TAS Inst of Agricultural Research 
VG98033 Young Vegetable Growers Group-pilot study  Tasmanian  Women in Agriculture 
VG00070 Facilitating the communication and development in the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
VG07046 Enhancing the profitability of the processing brassica vegetable sector Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
VG07053 Developing innovative products and alternative uses for process brassica vegetables Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
VG07058 Controlled Traffic Farming Systems for the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
VG98119 Technology transfer coordination for the Tasmanian vegetable industry  Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers
VG99033 Environmental research on the impact of bumblebees in Australia and facilitation of national communication for and against further introductions Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery
VG00020 Modelling of spore release and alternative methods of control for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in beans University of Tasmania
VG00030 A preliminary model for slug control in vegetable crops University of Tasmania
VG00074 Attendance at the 28th International Carrot Conference in Pasco, Washington USA, August 2000 University of Tasmania
VG03046 Evaluation of novel, high yielding pea lines - stage 1 University of Tasmania
VG05026 Workshop to develop research, development and extension priorities for nematode control in vegetable crops University of Tasmania
VG06009 Management of vegetable diseases with Silicon University of Tasmania
VG06051 Factors controlling Broccoli inflorescence development and architecture University of Tasmania
VG97011 Remote sensing as an aid to horticultural crop recording and husbandry University of Tasmania
VG97012 Large seeded broad beans for the Japanese market University of Tasmania
VG99054 Assessment of therapeutic compounds as an onion quality parameter  University of Tasmania 

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