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IDO Network

The Australian Vegetable Industry Development Network operated for ten years between 1998-2008. The network enhancing communication and information flow between growers, researchers and other members of the vegetable industry and maximised the benefits of its investment in research and development.

The network included Vegetable Industry Development Officers (IDOs), from each state. Their primary goal was to help bridge the gap between researchers and growers, and ensure maximum benefit is gained from the growers’ levies and Government contributions that fund R&D programs.

They did this by working closely with growers to determine the industry’s R&D priorities and passed this information on to researchers to ensure their future R&D work meets these priorities.

The IDOs also played a major role in coordinating the extension of information from R&D programs, so that growers received the information they need in a timely and useful manner.

In addition to regularly communicating with members of the vegetable industry, the IDOs maintained frequent contact with the 50+ IDOs in other horticultural industries throughout Australia.

This allowed them to tap into the latest knowledge, ideas and technologies from all facets of the broader Australian horticulture industry, and then make this information available within the vegetable industry.

Vegetable Industry Development Officers
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The key objectives of the IDO network were:

  • Facilitate transfer and adoption of new technologies and practices that increase sustainability and profitability

  • Increase grower awareness of and access to information sources and services

  • Identify impediments to the progress of the industry and suggest potential solutions

  • Assist industry in identifying and accessing opportunities locally, nationally and internationally

  • To assist implementation of the Australian Vegetable Industry Strategic Development Plan and develop further strategies for the industry

  • Encourage and facilitate communication throughout the vegetable industry, with particular emphasis on improving linkages between researchers and growers.

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