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September 2012

This year seems to have gone so fast ... or is it me getting slower?. I think we’re doing the same jobs but as years go by it seems to be taking more effort to achieve the same results.

Spring time with warm temperatures and more sun light is just what we’re looking for after such a wet, dull and cold winter. This year has been just like those in the 1960s, 70s and 80s - a real climate change compared with the last 17 years...

David Wallace - President, VGA-Victoria

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Contents :

Annual Golf Day
The Annual VGA Vic Growers Golf Day was held in August at Lang Lang Golf Club located on the South Gippsland Highway. One hundred golfers teed off in the Ambrose competition amongst brilliant sunshine, firm fairways and smooth greens ...

National Vegetable EXPO
The Vegetable Expo Committee is hard at work planning next year’s National Vegetable Expo, to be held in Werribee over two days, 2-3 May 2013. Make sure you put it on your calendar ...

Parsley & Parsnip Research
Parsley crop failures of up to 100 percent have been observed by Queensland and Victorian growers over the past few years ...

Quad Bike Safety
QuadWatch is a proposed Australian Government initiative bringing together industry, manufacturers, quad bike users and government to improve quad bike safety ...

Employing Immigrant Workers
Growers who utilise registered hire labour groups to provide field workers during planting and harvesting, will now be required to individually check all visas and identification papers ...

Growers under 35
If you are under 35 years of age and working in the vegetable industry, are you actively taking part in events and getting involved? Do you know what is going on? There are so many opportunities for younger growers that are being missed ...

Property Identification Codes
From 1 July 2012, Property Identification Codes (PICs) will be progressively introduced to plant industries in Victoria. PICs will assist the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to respond to plant pest and disease outbreaks so that industries are informed earlier and disruption to trade is minimised ...

Queensland Fruit Fly Management in Victoria
The State Government has announced that eradication of Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) is no longer likely or financially viable in most regions of Victoria ...

Annual General Meeting
The 2012 Annual General Meeting of VGA Vic will take place on Friday 12 October at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Melbourne. All members and industry associates are most welcome to attend the event to commence at 4.30pm followed by dinner ...

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Victorian Vegetable Industry - 2014

Summary of the location, structure, production and performance of Victoria's vegetable industry prepared by the Victorian State Government in 2014. In... Read more...

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