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June 2014

I hope everybody enjoyed the Easter period with family and friends, followed by ANZAC Day - a day to reflect on our past and current servicemen and women of this great country and the enjoyable lifestyle we have today ...

David Wallace - President, VGA-Victoria

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East Gippsland leafy vegetable Demonstration Day
The Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria would like to congratulate Andrew Bulmer, Stuart Grigg and a number of associated seed companies for organising and hosting an excellent leafy vegetable Demonstration Day in East Gippsland recently ...

What is happening in our industry ?
The VGA Vic has been representing fellow vegetable growers in a number of areas. Many of the discussions and presentations focus on what growers feel they require, and take place behind closed doors in meetings with Local, State and Federal government departments ...

Sanitation of water
Treatment of water using sanitisers is part of the overall control of microbial contamination in packing houses and on vegetables. Water treatment must be used in conjunction with good agricultural and hygiene practices to ensure food safety ...

Farming…there’s an app for that
Contrary to what a lot of people think, farmers use smart phones and tablets just as much as any other industry. Visit ... farmingwithapps.com

Grower Tours
• 2014 Women in Horticulture Tour – 6-18 September, visiting Israel and Turkey
• 2014 Young Grower Study Tour – 11-25 October, visiting Japan and South Korea

Contact AUSVEG : (03) 9882 0277

Hiring staff
The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) recently launched a guide to hiring new employees for small business, offering straight-forward advice about employing new staff ...

Bi-Annual EE Muir & Sons Golf Day
Despite an unsettled weather prediction, EE Muir & Sons held its successful bi-annual Growers Golf Day in May at the Werribee Golf Club without any rainfall ...

Employer record keeping Requirements
As an employer, there are several obligations you must follow regarding employee record keeping. It is particularly important to correctly keep these records in the horticulture industry because of the high turnover of employees in the industry. ...

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Victorian Vegetable Industry - 2014

Summary of the location, structure, production and performance of Victoria's vegetable industry prepared by the Victorian State Government in 2014. In... Read more...

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