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BEJO seeds

BEJO is a company focusing entirely on the breeding, production, processing and marketing of vegetable seeds for commercial outdoor cultivation.

BEJO - a name that stands for quality

BEJO - a name that stands for quality

BEJO deliberately concentrate on a limited range of crops, within which we aim to offer a wide selection of varieties. This strategy enables us to offer our customers varieties with excellent yields and quality characteristics.

  • Our work is focused on detailed knowledge of a clearly defined number of crops

  • We employ experts who possess a specialised knowledge of these crops

  • This results in the production of hybrid varieties with excellent characteristics

  • BEJO staff know each other and the lines of communication are clear and short. This brings out the very best in our people

Our experts pay great attention to research, the production and treatment of seed, logistics and service.


BEJO was established in 1978 through the merger of two family businesses, Beemsterboer (1912) and Jacob Jong (1899).

In twenty years Bejo Zaden has acquired an international reputation for the production of hybrid vegetable varieties.

BEJO is itself a successful hybrid, where the best characteristics of the parent businesses have combined to give even greater strength.

Customer focus:

Succesful BEJO customers are our measure of success.

We learn from the lessons of growers and consumers and respond quickly with the right varieties and quality service.

Close personal contact is maintained with customers. Todays success is no guarantee for the future - that has to be built on daily.

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